Appalachian Inspired
Mobile Cuisine and
Catering Service

Drop by to say hello! And, of course, keep up with us through Email, Facebook, Twitter, and here at our website for our weekly specials and more. 

Our Food

Our menu changes based off what is looking its freshest.  A unique meal inspired by our home in the Appalachian Mountains.  

Where To Find Us

Hopefully at a location near you! Operating in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, we are always on the move bringing your community fresh and exciting foods.

Our Mission

The mission of Farm Fresh Fixins is to provide the community with a quick and convenient way to obtain healthy, locally inspired food at an affordable price.

  • Menu Changes Based off What is Most Fresh
  • Chef able to accommodate your dietary needs
  • Available for Private Functions 

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The Appalachian idea of best utilizing what's around you and what you know best